Wake The Talents Up!


Girl Painter

Our little ones are very eager to learn and experiment with all things and that includes art. They are not afraid to get their tiny hands a little dirty and in the process develop their intellect to un-surmountable levels. This makes them happy.

Our qualified teaching staff understand this and have had lots of experience in different environments. We borrow from nature and encourage kids to learn from their surroundings and be as creative as possible. You will be amazed at what they come up with :).

We also encourage parents to give us a helping hand and work with their children at home. Together we can Wake The Talents Up!

About Us

Trivia - Shawanda is a name that was derived from the husband and wife team's first names Sharlon and Tawanda.

The couple is very passionate about children and was very happy in setting up a preschool of their own. Sharlon has vast experience as a preschool teacher who has worked with children from a tender age of 10days to ECD and preschool. Tawanda is an entrepreneur who comes with vast knowledge in business management.

We care about your dearest