Share The Dream With Us!


Flying Boy

Each child has a dream. That dream drives them. That dream is alive in them. We love to share that dream with you and your child.

Each parent knows all too well that every child is born different. They have different aspiration, interests and personalities. By sharing all this with us, we can help your child develop and reach their full potential.

Besides, we just enjoy and love how diverse children can be. This makes us love our jobs even more. Share the Dream With Us Today!

About Us

Trivia - Shawanda is a name that was derived from the husband and wife team's first names Sharlon and Tawanda.

The couple is very passionate about children and was very happy in setting up a preschool of their own. Sharlon has vast experience as a preschool teacher who has worked with children from a tender age of 10days to ECD and preschool. Tawanda is an entrepreneur who comes with vast knowledge in business management.

We care about your dearest